What happens after I complete the form?

Home Buying Investments will be the only one to receive your information, and they will call you the same or next day. We will go over some of the information with you, and if applicable, will set up an appointment to come to your home within two days.

Where are you located? Is this information going into a database of some kind?

No. We are a local, Upstate S.C. company that markets and works in the area- we live, work and play here, and know the region. This allows us to be able to help you better! We will be the first to review your situation- if we think other local real estate investors that we know may be able to help you we will pass your information to them, unless you tell us otherwise. Your information will never be given or sold to other parties for solicitation.

Are you able to help me even if I still have a mortgage payment and/or needs a lot of work?

Depending upon your situation, yes. There are different programs we may offer that can meet your needs, whether we are able to pay cash for your home or not. We might still be able to take over the burden of payments, maintenance, taxes and insurance from you. We will be able to tell what may or may not work for you once we talk and review your situation.

Can you still help me even if I have my home listed with a realtor?

Yes! We will work with your realtor along with you to help be a part of the process, making it a ‘win-win’ for all.

Will an attorney be utilized to perform closings?

Absolutely. We use experienced, local Upstate S.C. attorneys who typically specialize in real estate transactions. You, of course, are welcome to confer with your own attorney prior to committing to any transaction.

If you make an offer, can I think about it and get back to you in a couple of days?

Sure. We’re glad to work with you. Sometimes we have people call back months later, and we are still able to help them. The sale of your home is a big decision, one which we respect. Keep in mind, once we find a home and make an offer, we are excited about the opportunity to help you with your situation, update the home, and provide to a good family. We are continually looking for opportunities.

Will I have to do any work to the home, move items out, etc?

No, not unless you want to. We will always give you the opportunity to remove personal items of any kind.