The Process

We are not real estate agency, and do not want to list your home. We utilize a group of investors that are focused on purchasing homes in good areas that deserve a good family, but the homes need some help, and owners are not in a situation to fix up and market- they just want to move the home as quickly as possible. Unless we agree to terms to purchase your home, you will not be obligated in any way. You will not be required to do any cleaning, repairs or moving trash!

Once you have completed the Home Information Form or gave us a call and it’s determined we may be able to meet your needs, we will schedule a time within the next two days to meet with you at the home. While there with you, we will:

  • Tour and perform a visual inspection of the home
  • Ask other information about the home- what would work best for you, the current situation, some history on the home, etc. We’ve found that most homes have interesting stories to tell, and love to hear them!
  • Allow you to get to know us, and ask additional questions

If it appears there is an interest, we will be able to make you an offer on the spot.

Once an offer is made and accepted, we may have someone else come out in the next couple of days to do an inspection- at our cost- to ensure there were no additional repairs we did not see. An appraisal is not required, since we are the bank. In most cases, PLAN ON BEING AT THE ATTORNEY’S OFFICE FOR CLOSING WITHIN TWO WEEKS! If we are not able to come to an arrangement on a cash offer, we have other ways we may be able to help you, including:

  • Market to other investors who we network with- we are a member of a nationwide non-profit real estate investment group
  • Look at other options- lease/purchase from you, taking the payments away along with other financing options

Whatever option we may work together to choose, WE DO NOT REQUIRE BANKS AND ARE ABLE TO CLOSE WITHIN 7-14 DAYS! Our goal is to help you remedy your housing issues in a fast, friendly fashion with no pressure, regardless of your situation- whether foreclosure, divorce, relocating, estate, etc. We will take all the time you need to ensure all your questions are answered.